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What is TJ's Flying Circus about?

TJ's Flying Circus sells plans for airplane toy boxes. Proceeds from the sale of airplane toy box products go to youth activities such as the Experimental Airplane Association - EAA. The company started while Scott was President of EAA1452 as a weekend Chapter project with YE's

TJ's Flying Circus brings EAA members together with business/industry and we work to help young children to Fly By 8 (FB8) and introduce 8 year olds to Young eagles program.

Scott Olson is EAA # 99884, Co-founder of EAA1452 and Young Eagle Pilot #04. It has always been a passion of Scotts to take kids flying and encourage them to discover flight and try to impact their lives to explore their God-given talents and set a course of action to reach for the sky. TJ is Scott's son and the Flying Circus is TJ's favorite Airplanes.

" I became Phillips Hero ... He put my picture on his dresser after his YE ride in my Ercoupe. He is one of the first kids I took up in 1992 and now he has earned his Helicopter and ATP rated license. So, I know Young Eagles program works and it will continuously improve". - Scott T. Olson

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