Scott T. Olson
EAA # 99884; YE Pilot 4
AOPA Member 5211496
1946 Ercoupe

2701H, Model 415C
Pilot / Owner:
Scott T. Olson
H: (651) 770-2035
C: (651) 755-4215

Glass Goose For Sale


Dad's Glass Goose FOR SALE


1946 Ercoupe Show Plane For Sale

Total Time: 1000 Hrs; Continental 415C 75HP - Fresh Annual - New tires - All A.D.'s Complied, including Latest Wing and Center Spar Inspection -All Logs - No Damage History - Always Hangared - You don't see the holes and shrouds for long spark plugs cut into the hood. It has the original shorty spark plugs (and 4 new spare shorties) 24 Gallons Fuel - 110 mph Cruise @ approx. 5 gph - 460 lb. Useful Load Exterior: Highly polished (yes bottom too) - Metal wings - No hail - No corrosion Avionics: Xponder - External antenna for Handheld - Connections for Intercom.

This is the only mark on this Ercoupe accept for the red wing tips shown below

Interior: Original Cockpit
Includes both Glove compartments
Large Baggage Compartment

One of the most original 1946 Ercoupes. This Ercoupe has 3 Awards from Oshkosh and Awarded Best Ercoupe at the National Ercoupe Fly In by Judges and Peoples Choice. It is a highly polished Ercoupe .
It turns heads everywhere it goes.
It is now officially categorized:
"sport pilot airplane." Don't need pilot license. Cost: High $20's - Low 30's, negotiable, $10-25K less than Ultralight Sport Plane Ready to Fly and Show


This is a cut away with aluminum wings and red tips just like 2701H

Scott T. Olson