Scott Olson, Born Jan. 25, 1954, USA Citizen,  Laser Data Command PassPro® Sales, 30 years as aircraft owner and pilot; 28 years in automatic data collection technology and systems
Scott T. Olson
LDC Sales Executive
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    The vast majority of passengers identified by PassPro® will score green. A small percentage of passengers will score in the yellow range and will need additional security.  Passengers who score in the "red" will block them from flying and alert lawenforcement

Adm. David Stone
EAA Vice President of Government Relations Doug Macnair held an introductory meeting with new acting Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator Rear Adm. David Stone Wednesday (January 14) in Washington, D.C.

***Laser Data Command, USA***

Laser Data Command, Inc. An Arsenal of profitable Secure Solutions

PassProŽ The fastest, securest passenger boarding & bag-match system. A security solution using using cost efficient 2-D bar code and biometric technologies to ensure passengers and accurate bagmatch are locatable from the moment of check-in through arrival at the destination airport.

Portable Data File (PDF417) contains my drivers license, color photgraph my right index finger print and security identification and special encrytion data all bound in the  2_D bar code
LDC keeps innocent passengers who deserve to be screened efficently, protected as they fly.
Customers want travel out of harm's way

The above bar code contains all my demographic information, credit rating, my photograph, finger print and is the official PassProŽ symbol
Our Key Account & Major Strategy is Security Solutions at the speed of sound "Beep" or "BOOM"
Laser Data Command's secure and fraudulent technology provides automatic data capture,  real-time data analysis and real-time decision-making to prevent a terrorist  BOOM  (PHOTO: Sonic boom - Cool photo, cool boom)
Air Force One depends on PassProŽ for security of the Press. The accuracy of process validation checks and the value of the information in boarding an aircraft is greatest in the first few seconds, less valuable in the next few minutes and maybe no value in the next hour. Fast precise and secure information neccesassary for crucial management decisions immediately, for fast decision-making.

Frequent flyers step up and catch a real-time window to  faster  20 minute check-in from curbside to gate with PassPro® Step up and provide the identification, tracking, tracing and counting of passengers faster, easier and more accurately with your own registered airline traveler/passenger cards bringing you the information you need to make decisions on the scene, even if your primary system has failed or been destroyed. Your travelers do know and value all the information PassPro collects. And your travelers will really use it. A real-time window of fast and accurate information at your fingertips. Increasing productivity quality and security and cost effectively capturing real-time data for real-time management and decision-making.

We are presently involved in the 2nd greatest change in the state of Aviation. The greatest transition since the advent of of the first flight 100 years ago. A scientific and technological revolution which we are now experiencing, resulting in an explosion of knowlege that the aviation world has never really known. Our company, Laser Data Command has an arsenal of scientific technology to provide Security, Protection and Safety to keep everyones travel out of harms way improve customer satisfaction and most importantly save airlines time and money.

From retirement investment portfolios to home protection systems we spend vast amounts of time and money on security. Financial security, personal security, job security, relational security, and even National security are sooner or later threatened by the unpredictable nature of the world in which we live.

Celebrities hire body guards, some people take classes in self defense, and we turn our airports into minifortresses with secure gates and more guards. We are all worried about protection. From the 911 Terrororist attacks to abduction of children in broad daylight, random acts of violence seem to fill the news reports night after night. Is anyone really safe anymore?

Do Airlines offer guarantees that our children will be safe at the airport and in the airways? Laser Data Command can help airlines and airports dramatically enhance customer service byidentifying the vast majority of airline travelers who deserve to be screened efficiently and protected as they fly.
There is so much change and instability in the world. And there is a false sense of security with the current TSA.

LDC has built PassProŽ with a team of industry experts from the automatic data collection industry, FAA; Airlines; DoD; Counter Terrorism; encrytion experts; systems analysis and software engineering staff second to none. Security and freedom to ensure fast effortless sytems integration into existing airine systems at the most affordable means.

Click on Laser Data Command; PassPro®

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In GOD We Trust - the rest we check

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Rich Stanek Commissioner of Public Safety and Homeland Security Director 651-296-6642 Fax: 651-297-5728

Scott T. Olson