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Automotive Assembly is the most popular use of robots in U.S. KUKA articulated robots can load, unload, sort, deburr, flame-machine, laser, weld, bond, assemble,and inspect

My company uses 2 FANUC Robot S-420iW articulated robots and loading systems for North and South machining cells. The six-axis robot maximizes integration with other equipment. Maximum load is 342 lbs.& weighs 3300 lbs.

KUKA Robots are increasingly becoming the universal core element of automation. This trend has given rise to new fields of application in the automotive industry. The robot can fasten screws, sort, package, weld, pour, glue, drill far more productively than conventional systems. FANUC is introducing an intelligent loading system for machining cells using an intelligent robot to eliminate parts-specific fixtures and feeders. Typically 5 and 6 axes performing applications for welding, material handling, Sealing, assembling. Intelligent robots use 3D, laser, vision, and sensor

My company uses 4 ABB articulated robots for Paint booths of Hydrostatic transmissions. Two robots are for primer application and two robots for painting top coat have double guns to facilitate quick color changes. RFID tags hold data used for color code.

Pictured above is a Mitsubishi precision robot, articulated arm robot and Scara robot
The ABB family of paint robots offers accurate painting, high uptime, low paint consumption, short cycle times and effective integration of paint application equipment. ABB has an expansive working envelope, high load capacity and reliable operation. ABB's unique Integrated Process System (IPS) features closed loop regulation and high-speed control for paint and airflow adjustment which minimizes overspray and secures a uniform film build. Mitsubishi's range of advanced MELFA robots offer speed, accuracy and compact design as well as long life. MELFA Robots deliver class leading benefits for small-medium robot applications. . SCARA robots are specialists for fast palletising, sorting and component placement and assembly. Mitsubishi Electric offers a full range of articulated-arm robots with 5 and 6 degrees of freedom for all kinds of handling tasks with payloads from 1 to 12kg.

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