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Thomas M. Olson
Home: (863) 647-9897
Cell: (863) 370-1255

A&P# XXX-XX-8765
AOPA # 00451606
EAA # 0172264
ABS member# 4275

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Live your Dream.
Fly the Goose to ....

Tom's Flying Glass Goose "FOR SALE"

Experience the Adventure of this New Waterfowl Wonder Glass Goose.
Buy this Dream Machine for entertainment, Fishing, Romance, Islands, Beaches, Vacations. Live your dream.



Fly Goose to the Bahamas
. Take a journey!

Take a vacation. Take Action!
 Fly and land. Do Touch and Goes  in the wilderness in 10,000 lakes
Fly to the Lake

Fly to the River


Fly Glass Goose to the North Country and catch that trophie fish only found by air
Fly North

Fly South

See Glass Goose under construction now!



Scott T. Olson