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Make extra income and contribute to your Heros and Mentors just by your friends clicking on ads on your own social network or Buzzbot Property

Web 2.0 is a Term describing the interaction and collaboration where people (networkers) control information vs. website owner controlling information

Web 2.0 is changing how everything in the world is taking place, from business, to forging of personal relationships to commerce and beyond. The world is evolving into a big Intranet. is my intranet. is a local and global aviation intranet. The term "internet" may become obsolete some day.

Social networking is the bread and butter of the connectivity of all people to information in a seamless, useful, and valuable way. Remember the new cell phone brick? If you look at the evolution from phone to web 2.0 you will see the amazing changes are all happening with such grace and incredible speed that most people are on the ride but don't realize how fast the roller coaster is going, yet still scream with excitement as they integrate themselves into the matrix of exciting capabilities this is all bringing.

With everything becoming so integrated and convenient the internet is no longer a separate entity that we use to get connected; it's the very fabric that connects everything to everything else.   The change is happening so fast that it's staggering that no ones seeing it as a major evolutionary step. Yet it's happening gradually enough to be comfortable. People don't like change but they don't realize their going through a major change right now! Just 25 years ago the entire world and the way it all worked was drastically different!!

I worked in the computer hardware field for twentyfive years and thought I had a very solid career with a future. I began to understand that the ‘traditional’ American dream is, unfortunately a thing of the past. We all need to think about economically securing our futures – Buzzbot Web2.0 is the vehicle to do it! To see examples of Internet properties visit

I have no credit card bills, my house is paid for, 3 vehicles are paid for. Check out my secrets. I've done networking in person since early 1970's, and social networking on the web with MySpace, Facebook LinkedIn and my own website(s). Nothing compares to what you will be introduced to here for making contacts and extra residual income.

Over the next few moments, you will learn the most guarded secrets that are absolutely affecting your financial future, whether you know it or not. This information is important, so pay close attention.

Buzzbot was created to provide more money in your life right now. Years and 1/4 million in development, Buzzbot Web2.0 social networking system is designed to unlock the hidden wealth and reward you for sharing your passion with others.

Web2Upgrade is a web-based platform that is the first and only complete social networking program that works for everyone. With simple "point and click" technology, you will be guided to:Network on every and all websites
Make millions of contacts
Network your Networth
Pay your debts off faster
Spend less money on interest
Earn extra passive income

See my wealth plan. And this is just the beginning...

Mortgage Plan and Savings Guide

Years Until Payoff: 29 years 6 months Total Paid: $472,248.21
Interest Paid: $212,306.21
Years Until Payoff: 13 years 1 month Total Paid: $353,359.11 Interest Paid: $93,417.11 Savings: $118,889.10

My home is paid for but home property values are plummeting.
Internet property is increasing in value every week.
Internet property is increasing in value every month.

Location, Location, Location

A subject matter, theme, or location will become more valuable on the Internet than a brand. Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter have brand name recognition. My Web2Aviation Property or location on the Internet could outlast the brand names because new technologies and tools are popping up every week to compete with the brand name websites. Your hobbie or passion is part of your net worth. If you share or network your net worth you can own an internet property or location that millions of people will come to. More people will want to learn about aviation from an aviation property or aviation location online because they have more in common with an aviator than a twitter.
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