Scott T. Olson
EAA # 99884

1946 Ercoupe
2701H, Model 415C
Pilot / Owner:
Scott T. Olson
T.J. Olson

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Ercoupe Owners Club sponsors National Ercoupe Convention  
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Below are Ercoupe photos of the 1991National Ercoupe Convention held in Ames, IA. Where the Ercoupe won "1st place" among 100 Ercoupes and "Peoples Choice Award"

Ercoupe 2701H won two of the three 1st place awards at the 1991 National Ercoupe Convention.

Downwind for Ames - 100 Ercoupes to see

My girl and Tin Mistress

TJ as Pilot, Ames, IA 1991

TJ as Co-pilot, Ames, IA 1991



Scott T. Olson