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This Vision and Automation research is done at the College of Business Management & Information Technology at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa under the direction of Instructor Brian Burkhardt

Design a "vision system" within Flexible Manufacturing Systems program (FMS independent study). The concepts from my studies and research may be used for a poka yoke where ever SCR's are used in hydraulic pumps. I will test several lighting methods and a range of cameras from different Vendors. I will test different off-the-shelf vendor software products.

DMACC Vision System for verifying SCR's

Problem: Operators pick the wrong SCR from the wrong bin to assemble into a Hydrostatic Transmission. There are up to 11 different SCR's to choose from out of 11 different bins at an assembly station in the factory. An operator is to look at the small numbers on the end of the SCR and compare the first three numbers (2-5-0 above) to the last three digits on a part number on an Allen Bradley Panel View screen at the assembly station.

Solution: Vision system Poka Yoke. SCR will be placed inside a Hydrostatic Transmission housing. The Vision System will verify the number on end of SCR assembly 100% of the time with MES shop floor business system. Once verified inside the housing, a plug with a conical spring (see sidebar) will lock the correct SCR into the housing.

Cost Justification: Management calculates the average cost of a CQAR at $2500. This may be high but units with wrong SCR or missing Conical Springs are either scrapped out, or require a field service rep to travel to the customer location and make corrections.

1 Cognex Corp., Natick, MA, offers new features for its VisionPro machine vision systems to accelerate the development of PC-based machine vision applications.
In-Sight 5400 Series was tested with a red DOAM light. PatMax "edge definiton" firmware is inside 5000 CCD cameras making price point higher than the CMOS Checker camera shown on right. The beauty of Cognex cameras is no PC is needed. The software application once trained is inside camera. It's all you need
2 Keyence two CV-3000 cameras hook into a Universal Machine Vision System controller. Flexible interface options are Camera expansion unit, power supply, light, camera(s), USB, RS232 communication, memory card, I/O for PLC and sensor, RGB monitor and Ethernet. It also has a handheld conole (like a tethered TV remote that has an awkward mouse button. The Pattern recognition software with Red Ring light and 16MM lense works just great for 360° rotation of SCR valve using an arc pattern around 3 digit BAR value

Dataman shown here
3 Vision-Components: The VCM40 (CMOS) and the VCM50 belong to the smallest smart cameras of the world and this at a very attractive price. The VCM50 uses a CCD progressive scan Sensor with 640 x 480 Pixel . It can acquire 25 fps (Full-frame). With the possible binning mode up to 100 fps are possible. All Vision Components cameras are built for industrial applications. They are insensitive to shock and vibration, and have multiple I/O lines for direct control of external equipment. For more complex control tasks, they can easily be interfaced to a PLC. 4 The SCR project may consist of a handheld camera (similar to above) at assembly station with a form factor much like a barcode scanner or URYU hand drill tool. SCR image rotates 360 degrees and is placed inside M46 housing. My idea is to build a shrowd that stabalizes gun to housing and holds the plug with Conical spring. The gun cannot snap a picture unless Conical spring complets a circuit to snap the image then compare against a dbase of eleven SCR's and output to to MES to verify part number and light next pick on smartframe.

Vision System Vendor Analysis For more information click here

A handheld camera will verify SCR and confirm presence of a Conical Spring inside housing during assembly. A camera will automatically read the first 3 digits "2-5-0 as shown above" and comparing with a factory work order before proceeding with the next assembly step.... A micro switch built into the handheld fixture will complete a circuit and confirm conical spring is placed in unit before proceeding on to the next step.

Operation: At assembly station 10 and 80 a Hydrostatic Transmission Manufacturing plant has eleven different small parts (SCR valves). During assembly, an operator picks and verifies one of eleven different part #'s stamped on the end of an SCR (System Check Relief ) valve by matching first three #'s of eleven digit number on SCR with the last three numbers on an Allen Bradley's Panel View's eleven digit part number. The operator places SCR inside the main transmission housing unit. Then the operator picks a plug with a Conical spring (spring could be missing), aligns plug/spring with the valve and threads the plug into the housing and torques when prompted by the MES system.

Scott T. Olson