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My first introduction to robots was watching Lost in Space in 1965 - See below

Scott and R/C Robot #1 1966.......................................................................R/C Robot #2 built 1967 recently found in basement.

Scott built two 6 channel R/C Robots in grade school as science projects. The first was built out of a shoe box, and Erector set. Lemonade cans were used for the arms that shot rubberbands out of each arm. The second R/C Robot was more sophisticated and larger. It was made out of Aluminum and a Cake pan for the head. R/C race car parts and electric motor for motion. It had a laser beam in one arm (light with maginifier - there were no lasers or laser pointers available to public in 1960's) and shot fire and confetti out of the other arm by using electric squibs. It won second place in the 1967 3M Science Fair.

2006 Robot Project Overview Click HERE for more info

I will rebuild the 6 channel R/C Robot shown above in conjunction with DMACC Robotics class. Step one is to take Radio Contolled transmitter, receiver and servos out of two R/C airplanes and combine with existing 1960 R/C netting a 14 channel or 14 function robot. That means to begin with I will controll the robot holding 3 R/C transmitters. The second phase will be added during DMACC PLC class in the Fall of 2006 where I will replace the R/C transmitters and receivers with a programmable contoller and 802.11 wifi to control robot via a personal computer.

The educational value will be learning about and using specialized sensors such as limit switches, ultrasonic motion control, encoders, etc.
The functionality is in a wireless remote camera . The robot will be a roaming wireless pan/tilt camera with remote vision to add to our existing home surviellance system. It can be in the house standing or roaming. It can be outside in the yard or at the neighbors.
The Robot will have voice commands using a walkie talkie. The Robot will walk and entertain our pet dog and give the dog treats when responding to a command. The robot will have a laser, bar code scanner, strobe light(s) and colorful designs, lights and switches and different arms or end effectors for throwing a ball, egg, potato, missile, etc.

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"Danger Will Robinson, Danger. Danger Will Robinson, Danger. Danger Will Robinson, Danger."


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"Lost in Space" in 1965


Scott T. Olson