1992:T.J.'s Flying Circus

Free Airplane Toybox
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Airplane Toybox kit made from one sheet of plywood and pocket hole joinery in a weekend - movie below

T.J.'s Airplane Toybox 1992

T.J.'s 5 years old in 1992

Kids playing in airplane toy box on YouTube
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Kids have planefun, pretend and dream to fly while they lean back in the airplane toybox and reach for the sky !

"Kids can fly us far away and bring us back that very day". Scotto

The infamous Peddle Plane kits and the airplane toy boxes seen at Oshkosh are both built in Iowa. See what EAA has to say about the quick build airplane toy box.

Available models

Plans and schematics

Pocket-Screw Joinery makes building and assembling fast and easy.


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