Scott T. Olson
EAA # 99884
YE Pilot # 04
AOPA # 05211496

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Adm. David Stone
EAA Vice President of Government Relations Doug Macnair held an introductory meeting with new acting Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator Rear Adm. David Stone Wednesday (January 14) in Washington, D.C.

News Release:
Scott Olson testifies Dec. 15th, 2004 at Minnesota State Capital, Senate Sub Aviation Committee on General Aviation Security and tries to bring TSA, MNDOT and MAC together to demonstrate Best Practices for GA Security and "First Fifty" introduced by Senator Mike Jungbaur. Presents IFR vs. VFR White Paper

News Release:
Scott Olson presents Workshop on Security technologies Nov. 19th, 2004 at FAA Great Lakes Region to explain Access Control, Digital Video Recording, CCTV and Video Surveillance, Biometrics, RFID, RFDC and Wireless Internet connectivity and use of handheld PDA's.

Small business jets come into the market place.

Scott T. Olson: Bio for Aviation related industry

Scott Olson is a Systems Integration Manager and Technology Advisor specializing in Aviation Security Technologies. He is responsible for quality of systems used for U.S. Visit, Department of Homeland Security and TSA projects including access control, surveillance and identification verification for General Aviation.

Scott's 28 years experience and extensive knowledge of bar code, RFID, biometrics and other data collection technologies have earned him the reputation among the most respected experts in the field. In this regard, government, universities, associations, small business and Fortune 500 corporations routinely engage him to author training course materials.

His book and workshops on systems integration tools and techniques for data collection are well valued by public and private sectors. As an aircraft owner, pilot, and aviation enthusiast, Scott has complemented his professional background with expertise in management, operations and technologies specifically related to security and productivity for the aviation industry.

While still in high school he was assembling photo electronic controls. During college he installed video surveillance cameras, CCTV and maintained passenger arrival/departure monitors at MSP airport and earned his pilot license . He has since gained knowledge in aircraft electrical and mechanical processes, tolerances, safety, reliability and quality, and applied this expertise to restoration of antique classic airplanes.

His initiative to introduce Northwest Airlines and IATA to bar code Systems resulted in present day Code 39 standard for all passenger boarding documents. Scott continues his commitment and dedication to improving security and productivity of General Aviation.

Scott introduced Northwest Airlines and IATA to bar code systems resulting in present day Code 39 standard for all passenger boarding documents. Scott sold the first bar code labor information system to NWA for referbishing 747's

Laser Data Command, Inc. Inventors of PassProŽ

PassProŽ A secure passenger boarding & bag-match system. A security solution using using cost efficient 2-D bar code and biometric technologies to ensure passengers and accurate bagmatch are locatable from the moment of check-in through arrival at the destination airport.

Scott hosted TSA at AirVenture 2004 on GA Airport Security and introduced IP-A001

Scott designed event control and security for SS1 and other significant flights for Civilian Flight Test Center at Mohave Dessert

Scott introduced PDF417 2D bar code symbol below to LDC for the invention of PassProŽ 10 years ago. Below in the bar code symbol is Scott's color image (photograph), fingerprint and other secure information. When scanned this bar code proves you are who you say you are and cannot be counterfieted, swapped or stolen and used for identification by anybody else. It is the proposed standard for the Registered Traveler pilot and the new Pilot Licenses.

Scott created this Cockpit below to present Real Time Management to industry professionals

Scott T. Olson