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Sales, Marketing, Education/training:


Top sales representative at Dytec (1974 - 1991) with sales exeeding $1 million per year, pioneering and developing territory in the Midwest. See sales highlights. Sold Automatic Data Collection Technologies in five states including Iowa. Opened remote sales office in Des Moines in 1987 to service John Deere, Fareway, Motorola, Metalcraft, Amana Refrigeration, Maytag, Principal, 3M, Sundstrand.

Assisted in building a one man manufacturers rep company, Dytec, into a $10 million prominent bar-code VAR/Systems Integrator with 50+ employees in the Midwest. Dytec was sold to PEAK Technologies in 1991 and I left company with severence package of 70% of salary for 5 years.

I helped bring bar code technology to the airline industry for boarding passes, luggage and tracking repair and inspection for aircraft refurbishment and re-manufacturing of 747 Jumbo Jets.

At LDC, Inc. I was Systems Integration Manager and Technology Advisor specializing in Aviation Security Technologies responsible for quality of systems used for U.S. Visit, Department of Homeland Security and TSA projects including access control, surveillance and identification verification for General Aviation.


Designed, developed and produced customer mailings, corporate brochures, educational brochures, catalogs and managed trade shows. Worked with local and national media and wrote PR. Wrote articles for several trade publications including a year long series for one Automatic ID News with Edgell Publications which helped bring Dytec into the national lime light. I co-produced two marketing videos with aerial views shot from my own airplane.

Joined several industry trade associations including AME and AIM and traveled to most major cities in U.S. to speak and work with industry groups. Awarded Top 10 Seminar/workshops at national convention 3 years in a row.

Became North Central V.P. of and created and managed their website in 1992. See Tour America man searching for excellence below

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  "The Search for Manufacturing Excellence" Lead team of 7 people that facilitated the following 7 plant tours for big AME event. Produced $100,000 revenue and $40,000 profit. A self assessment of overall program using the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award criteria scored in range 4 of the 7 ranges. Leadership was 70 out of 90 points possible.


I have always participated in continuous education. I attended the Carlson School of Management Series for improving Leadership skills. I am certified in project management (PMBOK) from Project Management Institute and created my own project planning plan tool in 12 easy steps (one a month).

I wrote two course books Barcode 101 and Barcode 201 for U of M, University of St. Thomas, Iowa State University, University of Wisconsin, Dunwoody Institue, North Western College, DMACC, St. Paul Votec and a college in North Dakota.

My proudest education and training achievement was the develoment of the Bar Code Master Plan for building team interaction while intregrating bar code technology to improve manufacturing productivity.



Scott T. Olson